Three Foods That May Alleviate Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye syndrome is the silent epidemic of the modern age. With people spending more time in front of computer screens—which is one cause of this condition—it's not surprising that about 25 percent of Canadians suffer from some kind of dry eye disease. Although there are numerous prescription and over-the-counter medications available that can alleviate the symptoms of chronic dry eye, adding a few eye-friendly foods to your diet can also help. [Read More]

Need New Glasses? 2 Reasons Not To Order Frames Online

If you need a new pair of glasses, you might be thinking about ordering from that hip-looking website. With a myriad of frame options and the lure of ultra-low prices, you might be tempted to skip the eye exam and use last year's prescription. However, you might end up regretting your online purchase, even if your eyes have stayed the same. Here are two reasons not to order glasses online, and why you should head straight to the optometrist's office: [Read More]

Prevent The Pain Of Plantar Faciitis With 5 Simple Exercises

Although it may start out as a slight irritation, plantar faciitis is a foot injury that could end up causing you serious, stabbing pain with every step you take. It is caused when the fascia on the bottom of your feet becomes too tight and small tears occur. There are multiple options for treating the symptoms of this condition, but your better choice is to treat the cause. There are exercises that, if done daily, will help you prevent the pain of plantar faciitis. [Read More]