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Here's The Skinny On Ways To Make Common Foods Healthier And Satisfying

Most people are aware of how to eat healthy, even if they continue to struggle with their weight. It can be difficult to create healthier meals and stick with these changes if you are constantly hungry or feel deprived. Swapping out unhealthy foods for healthier versions while keep your meals satisfying will make it easier to shed weight.

Bulk-Up Soup And Salads

Unfortunately, typical "healthy" soups and salads are often too light and can leave you hungry an hour later. For salads, add density to them with more leafy greens. Romaine lettuce, baby spinach, or lettuce mixes are better than the traditional iceberg lettuce because they have more nutritional value and are often stronger in flavor. Find vegetables that you do not mind eating raw and add them to your salad. Raw vegetables are typically rich in fiber, which will help you stay full longer. Hard-boiled eggs are a good addition to any salad, even if you already have a protein. The extra protein and fat will help you feel full.

It can be harder to make soups denser because soups that are generally lower in calories are water-based. Canned beans can work well with most soups, just rinse the extra starch off before adding them. Red beans can be added to a soup made with beef to mimic a thin chili, or you might want to add black beans and make a taco-flavored soup.

Experiment With Proteins

If you have the resources to try different types of protein and do not mind experimenting with food, you might find protein sources that fit your dietary needs without leaving you bored or hungry. For example, many people avoid beef when trying to lose weight, and opt for leaner proteins, such as chicken and turkey. Although ground chicken or turkey is a helpful substitution, especially when you need ground meat, there will be times when you want an alternative that is closer to beef.

Bison may be an acceptable alternative to beef. If you are trying to reduce fat in your diet, bison is leaner than beef. Additionally, the quality of beef you choose can be a factor. Many people feel more satisfied with less food when they invest in higher quality beef, such as grass-fed or more expensive cuts of beef.

Be Stringent About Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be harder to avoid when you are trying to lose weight, especially when your favorite meals often contain pasta, rice, and bread. The worst thing you can do is eliminate them, because you will be more likely to binge on carbs when the opportunity arises. Work on having carbs at only one or two meals each day and sticking to a single portion. Use the accompanying protein and vegetables to add bulk.

For example, if you enjoy chicken alfredo, only use enough sauce to adequately cover the food. Allow yourself a little extra chicken and all the vegetables you want to go with a single serving of pasta. This will help you enjoy your pasta more because there is less of it, but the extra protein and vegetables should keep your meal satisfying.

Focus not only on cutting calories, unhealthy fats, and carbohydrates, but how to create quick, filling meals so you don't feel deprived. For more information, look up a weight loss cookbook.