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4 Essential Eyewear Care Tips To Live By

You've invested a lot in improving your vision, so you want to make sure you're getting the most out of your eyewear. With the right amount of care, your eyeglasses can deliver great looks and crystal clarity for many years to come.

The following care tips provide a clear picture of what you should and shouldn't do to your eyewear if you want them to last a long time. If you weren't sure how to properly care for them, these 4 crucial tips will come as a sight for sore eyes.

Use a Gentle Touch While Cleaning

No matter how tough they look, your eyewear isn't built for rough handling. Harsh scrubbing and wiping while cleaning can easily rub the finish off of your glasses and flex the frame out of alignment, making your glasses more awkward to wear until they're adjusted.

Instead, treat your glasses with kid gloves. Use the appropriate cloth (as mentioned in the next tip) and dedicated cleaning solutions whenever you're cleaning your glasses. Refrain from using your fingernails or sharp implements to remove built-up grease or debris from corners and other areas.

If you really want to get rid of debris hidden in tight places, consider hitting those areas with a blast of compressed air.

Stick to Microfiber Cloth

It's tempting to wipe your glasses off with whatever you can find at that moment (a t-shirt sleeve, napkin, the side of your jeans, etc.). Unfortunately, it's also a great way to scratch up your lenses. The course fibers found in most tissues and clothing can leave small scratches that add up in a big way as time goes on.

Instead, you'll want to stick with a microfiber cloth, preferably a special cloth that's specifically made for cleaning eyewear. You won't risk scratches, plus a microfiber cloth works much better at removing smudges and other residue. You can even pair up a cloth with a cleaning solution of your choice.

Nevertheless, there are times when you just have to wipe your glasses with whatever you have on hand. Just try not to make a habit of it and, if you do need to wipe them off, use the softest clean cloth you can find.

Don't Treat Your Glasses Like Headwear

It seems convenient, but leaving your glasses on top of your head can actually damage your glasses over time. Doing so distorts their shape, leading to a progressively looser fit. If you can't seem to keep your glasses from falling off, this may explain the trouble you're having.

Naturally, your hair is also a magnet for oils, stray hairs and all sorts of stuff that you wouldn't want on your glasses. If you need a place to stick your glasses for those brief moments when you don't need them, simply take the time to put them back in their case or set them aside in a safe location until you need them again.

If you're afraid of losing your glasses, you can always use the tried and tested habit of hanging them from a small chain or string around your neck or on your shirt. Don't forget that there are plenty of other places to hang your glasses from whenever you don't need them at that moment.

Try Two-Handed Removal Instead

Taking your glasses off with just one hand doesn't seem like a problem, but the damage it causes can add up over time. Using one-handed removal bends the hinges backwards and causes stress to the bridge and end piece portions of the frame. Eventually, all of this stress leads to the entire frame going out of alignment.

Instead, use both hands whenever you want to take off your glasses. With each hand on both sides of the frame, you'll be able to remove them without subjecting your frame and lenses to unnecessary bending and stretching.

For more information about caring for your eyewear, go to websites of local optometrists, or contact their clinic.