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Need New Glasses? 2 Reasons Not To Order Frames Online

If you need a new pair of glasses, you might be thinking about ordering from that hip-looking website. With a myriad of frame options and the lure of ultra-low prices, you might be tempted to skip the eye exam and use last year's prescription. However, you might end up regretting your online purchase, even if your eyes have stayed the same. Here are two reasons not to order glasses online, and why you should head straight to the optometrist's office:

1: You Can See and Feel the Frames

After reading a few past shopper reviews and learning a little more about those frame materials, you might feel ready to hit "place order" on those glasses you found online. Unfortunately, you might be in for a surprise when they arrive in the mail. The plastic might be cheap and brittle, or the color could look completely different in real life.

However, you can walk away from your optometrist's office with exactly what you are looking for if you shop for frames in person. Here are a few things to pay attention to as you look for new glasses:

  • Frame Material: As you shop for frames, compare different frame materials. Talk with the optometry staff about which types of frames tend to have problems so that you can avoid running into trouble.
  • Hardware: When you inspect frames in person, you can check the hardware for loose screws or stiff hinges.
  • Nose Pads: Do those frames have built-in nose pads? If so, try on those glasses to make sure that they feel alright.
  • Styling Details: It can be easy to miss small styling details when you are inspecting the tiny pictures available online. However, shopping for frames in person gives you the chance to inspect glasses from every angle. Pay attention to the color, print, and metal work on those frames to make sure they will meld with your personal style. 

Being able to see and feel potential frames might help you to weed out versions that you wouldn't be happy with later.

2: Your Face Is Unique

As you shop online, you might come across virtual "try-on" wizards that will plaster an image of those glasses over a photo of yourself. Although this might seem like a foolproof way to select frames, the fact of the matter is that glasses need to be custom-made for your face. Here are a few things that your favorite website might miss:

  • Pupillary Distance: For you to see clearly through your new glasses, your pupils need to be centered in the middle of each lens. However, because each person's eyes are different distances apart from one another, it can be easy to unintentionally order glasses that won't quite work for you. Although some online retailers give patrons the opportunity to enter pupillary distance information, it isn't always easy to take those types of measurements on your own. Fortunately, an optometrist can use special instruments to take exact measurements for you in an instant.
  • Bow Length: Frames come in a huge variety of bow lengths, which can alter the way your new glasses fit your face. For example, if you order frames with a bow length that is too short for your face, it could put extra pressure on your nose and ears and make you uncomfortable. However, optometry technicians can measure this distance for you so that you choose the right glasses. 
  • Lens Coating: In addition to helping you to find a pair of frames that fit just right, optometry specialists can also suggest lens coatings. You can choose lens coatings that help filter out harmful UV light, reduce glare, or resist scratches. Most offices even have lens examples in stock so that you can see what you are buying. 

By taking the time to meet with an optometrist at a clinic like Londonderry Eye Care, you can find a sturdy pair of glasses that fit your face and meet your needs.